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Preferred Cleaning Service New Berlin, WI
Customers always ask what they can do to extend the life of their furniture. Upholstered furniture is like a very large filter. When you sit down on it dust and pollutants are released into the air. When you get off the furniture, it draws the same dust & pollutants back into the cushions and fabric.

The first step to slow down this cycle is to thoroughly vacuum your furniture on a weekly basis. Vacuum all cushions and frame of the furniture. Clean any spills immediately according to the manufacturers’ recommendations. And once or twice a year have your furniture professionally cleaned.

If your furniture looks dirty, you have already waited to long. The dirtier the fabric looks, the harder it is to remove the soil and stains. Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight. Sunlight wreaks havoc on fabrics, causing fading and deterioration of the fabric fibers.

Following these basic cleaning practices will keep your furniture looking newer longer.
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