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   Air Duct Cleaning
The supply and return ducts of your heating and cooling systems may be one of many possible sources of dust and contaminants in your home.

Ductwork attracts many unwanted visitors: mold, bacteria, fungi, rodents, insects, dust mites, just to name a few. Your daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, smoking, burning candles and oil lamps add to the indoor air pollutants.

Pets add more contaminants into the atmosphere. Simply walking around the house raises these pollutants; thus you have a cycle of dust and contaminants circulating through the air. If you are one of the many that suffer from allergies or upper respiratory illnesses these contaminants may aggravate your symptoms.

Cleaning these surfaces can help reduce the amount of pollutants re-cycling through your air. Preferred Cleaning Service, Inc. uses environmentally safe, non-toxic cleaning agents to remove the dust and contaminants from your ductwork. All debris extracted is collected and removed to our truck. Results are an improved air quality in your home!
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